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Famous people I admire (or detest)

(Famous contemporary people, that is)

(For things that I like and dislike, see 👉 Tastes)

Famous people I admire


Philosophy, politics, science

  • 👤 Steven Pinker: kindness and an acute sense of humour are compatible with intellectual rigour, audacity and curiosity
  • 👤 Sam Harris
  • 👤 Christopher Hitchens
  • 👤 Jonathan Haidt
  • 👤 Eric Weinstein
  • 👤 Jordan Peterson (modulo his irrational praise of religion, and a few other bits that I dislike) Not sure any more: I found him very original and very inspiring in the beginning, but less interesting nowadays (Jan 2019)

Gender issues


These have pages on Wikipedia in the Spanish edition only:

  • 👤 Antonio Escohotado: the very definition of a humanist, a learned person and a thinker; someone who has read everything, and has therefore the capacity to judge ideas based on the sources
  • 👤 Juan Ramón Rallo: a very articulate, unapologetic classical liberal (I find myself disagreeing with him from time to time, but I still admire his project and his approach to it)


Famous people I detest